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South India Tour

South India is extremely diverse and offers a lot of options for the discerning traveler. Being home to the coastal story of the Indian subcontinent, South India has a lot of destinations stored away in the region. Moreover, just like the other parts of the country, there is something for everyone in South India as well. There is something for the leisure traveler, heritage looker, adventurous blood tourist, the newly wed honeymooners and the regular ‘I want to travel the world’ traveler.

The best thing is that in the area of South India, there is so much that is often look past, that only traveling to the places makes one wonder, that how was this place here and we missed it.

Tourist Destinations In South India Tour

South India Tours that takes you on an amazing family holiday package throughout the region generally are aimed towards the different states in the south – Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Each of these places is unique in their own way, but offers an exhilarating experience to the traveler.

Goa definitely tops the list when it comes to South India Tours. Goa is home to loveliest beaches in the country surrounded by lush greenery and great cuisine. Goa which till very recently was a Portugese colony is not only a fun place for the younger generation and foreign travelers, but is also very rich in historic monuments and age old churches which make the place rich with culture and tradition. However, the beaches remain to be the mainstay of the State and there are wonderful beaches that adorn Goa.

Though mostly land locked, Andhra Pradesh also has a lot to offer to today’s travelers. The capital city – Hyderabad is one of the most popular destination in the State because of its cuisine and historic monuments like the Golkonda Fort, Charminar, The Buddha Statue etc Other than Hyderabad, there are a few more traveler’s paradise locations in the state namely Araku, Srisailam and Horseley Hill stations, The Pilgrimage destinations of  Puttaparthi of Sai Baba fame and obviously Tirupati.

The Silicon Valley of India

While, the silicon valley of India – Bangalore is mostly popular for the number of IT jobs it has given to India, Karnataka is enriched with greenery, lakes, old forts & palaces and temples all around the state. In terms of flora and fauna, the Bannerghatta national park is quite popular. Other popular destinations in Karnataka are Mysore, Coorg – known most for their coffee plantations, Nandi Hills, Jog Falls and Chikamaglur. Besides this there are certain archaeological preserved sites in the State namely Hubli, Hospet, Badami, Hampi,Belur, Halebid, Srirangapattanam, Hassan and Bijapur. The state is unique and diverse.

Till now, the South India talked about is the uber and modern day cities and places, but for the traditional traveler Tamil nadu is the best place to travel to. With a number of architecturally wondrous temples, the travel experience to the state is altogether different. Chennai, along with cities like Mahabalipuram, Tanjore, Trichy and Madurai are rich in conserving the Hindu culture with temples that are 100s of years old. But to regard Tamil Nadu only as a pilgrimage site is wrong, because the state has one of the best beaches and hill stations in the country and superb sunset and sunrise views to be observed.

When one talks about South India Tours and family holiday packages taken there, Kerala can never be missed. With their pristine and peaceful backwaters and serene beaches, Kerala is the dream destination for all the travelers who want to relax and rejuvenate themselves. With Ayurvedic resorts & spas all over the State, no one can go to Kerala and not come back relaxed and fresh.

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