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North India Tour

Many of the people residing in the country, don’t understand that India as a country has been blessed with such beautiful locales and wondrous places that cannot be compared to any place on the planet. While most of the new age travelers prefer to visit any country abroad, they forget the natural abundance within the country and that the country is home to vivid flora, fauna and the best of climates as well.

India Diversity

From Kashmir to Kanyamumari, India is one country and Offers Mountains, hills, valleys, beaches, pilgrimage sites, coastal stories etc for everyone to experience. There must be something in the country that people from all over the world come to India to travel and soak up the culture and traditions of a country which goes back more than 1000s of years. The hugeness of the country is primarily demarcated into 4 regions – North, South, East and West and each region offers something absolutely unique than the other making the traveling experience within the country even more enjoyable.

While North India is home to the richness and culture of the Mughal era, Rajputana times and home to the national capital which sprawls away to the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand finally emerging into Kashmir – Heaven on Earth; South India, East India and West India have something completely different to offer to travelers.

Though, North India has been often been complained about because of their extreme weather conditions, it is home to the national Capital – New Delhi which in its own is a city to be mesmerized in. With historical bylanes running in the city, next to Lutyen’s Delhi coinciding with the plush shopping and international cuisine destination that it has become, the city is more than just the national capital of the country – it is an experience that cannot be described. With a lot of the Mughal and Lodii history embedded within the city, Delhi is also one of the most sought after culinary destinations in India with street food being the essence of the reason for travel to Delhi. Moreover, Delhi is also a very sought after religious destination wherein there is the Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, the Cathedral Church in central delhi and many other sacred Hindu temples spread across the city.

Destinations in North India

New Delhi is generally the starting point of all family holiday packages which are for the North India Tours. While North India is landlocked, it makes the area home to the best plains, hill, mountains and valleys in the country. On either side of Delhi, there is a burst of culture waiting to be explored – on one side there is the beautiful and colourful Rajasthan with the pink city of Jaipur being the most popular; on the other hand there is the culturally rich Uttar Pradesh home to one of the most romantic places on the planet – The Taj Mahal.

North India Tours are generally divided as per the destination and the most popular family holiday package in this lot is the Golden Triangle tour which covers Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Other than this, North India Tours also include trips to higher altitudes like Shimla, Manali, etc which are more popular during the summers and during the snow period. There is a lot of depth and variety to what North India offers to the general traveler as well as the more experienced traveler and the best thing is that this part of the country never disappoints a traveler. The tourists generally crave for more that they could experience in North India in terms of food, culture, art and history.


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