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Explore the western India

West India Tour

The bite of the travel bugs is simply irresistible! When they bite one just need to pack bags and set to a tour. And when one is living in a country like India then the options for exploration are immense. Our country in huge and from east to west to north to south one have thousand of places where one can visit to feed one’s travel bug. However, selecting a place to go may be a bit difficult. Often one feel confused as in which place to visit. Now, to solve this problem we have come up with various packages of tours. In this piece one will have a look at the West India Tour. We will furnish one with detained information about which places to visit, what one will see there and much more. So, are one ready to take a peek at the places which one will be enjoying in Family Holiday Packages of West India?

Explore the western India

The west India or the western part of India consists of such places which are highly industrialized as well as urbanized. But, does that mean these places have lost touch with their natural self. Does it mean that the ancient creation ceases to exist here? Well, absolutely no. despite being on the track of urbanization the West India Tour offers one with various places to see. These places are full with the beauty of nature in one hand. On the other hand these places also offer one with the ancient structures and mind-blowing architecture. The traditional aspects of these places are also kept intact even in this blowing wind of modernization. So, when one take a Family Holiday Packages to this place then one can be absolutely assured that one will have such an enjoyable tour which will be hard to forget.

Tourist Destination of West India Tour

Now, it is time to take a look at those places which are included in the West India Tour. To start with there are mainly three states which are considered to form the major part of the western India. These parts are state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. Other than these, the places of Daman and Diu and Dadar and Nagar Haveli also form the parts of the Western India. All these places have several tourist attraction places. Like if we take the example of Goa then it is a heaven for having fun. The beaches here are not only beautiful but they are stunning. This is a place which offers one the fun of various kinds.

In Gujarat one have the famous Sabarmati Ashram, one have the Gandhi Ghat and of course the famous Somnath Temple. This place is such which have uphold the Indian architecture for ages. Not only that but here one can also indulge oneself in the local delicacies and awaken the taste buds. Now, about Maharashtra, what to say! It has so many places of attractions that it is simply countless.

Now, one may ask that what our part is in this whole tour for west India. Well, we organize tours in such a manner that one does not face any kind of problem or hassle. We have various Family Holiday Packages from which one can choose the place that one wants to pay a visit to. When we organize a tour for one we take care of each and every aspect. From picking up till departure we see to it that the tour is conducted in a hassle free manner. We have arrangements with those hotels which are considered to be one of the best in the area. Not only that but we also provide one with complimentary meals.

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