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East India Tours – A Box of surprises for the tourists

Box of surprises for the tourists who visit East India

East India, while the least preferred choice for travelers, the entire region is a whole box of surprises for the tourists who visit the place. With the Seven sisters on the sides, East India is home to West Bengal and Orissa, one of the most under rated places when it comes to travel in India. Both these places have vast cultural and scenic treasures, which await tourists with open arms. Once the tourist reaches East India, it is a guarantee, they would never want to go back.

But over the last few years, the modern day traveler has understood how much are the missing upon by not visiting East India. West Bengal and Orissa are both endowed with high mountains and verdant valleys, mighty rivers and green lush forests, and history that goes back to the times of British Rule and even earlier. If as a traveler, one is looking for adventure, old and deep rooted traditions, rich art and culture, wild life, birding, trekking, cycling, scenic beauty or just a few days to discover a new and unique cuisine, East India Tours are a must for you; whether you go on a family holiday package or just are a lone traveler.

Tourist Spots In East India

Holidays to East India have now finally become popular with tourists. Comprising West Bengal and Orissa mostly, (with the seven sisters of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Assam etc being a part of North East India), destinations most frequented by tourists while enjoying a holiday in East India include Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Sunderbans, Shillong, Kaziranga and the Dooars. There is a lot of variety in East India Tours; from hills to beaches and wildlife sanctuaries, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

West Bengal – the mainstay of the country during the British Raj and now the art, literature and culture capital of the country is not only home to Kolkata – the literary and art paradise for avid book lovers and art connoisseurs, but also the best place in the country to try the Bengali cuisine which is rich in taste, colour and wholesomeness. The iconic Howrah Bridge, which is an architectural marvel built at a time when modern day architecture was still an alien concept to India is a must see in the area. Moving towards the interiors of the State, one will discover green lush forests which give way for great expeditions, treks or just casual walks to feel closer to nature. With Sunbderban Tiger Reserve in the vicinity, the State is no doubt home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the most exquisite animals alive.

Orissa – the State most popular for being home to one of the four dhams of the country – Jagannath Puri. The temples in Jagannath Puri are more than divine and make everyone feel closer to God and heavenly. Even though it is one of the most sought after religious destinations in the world, the place is bountiful when it comes to god’s grace and presence in the area. While, most of us know about Orissa only for Puri, the state has a lovely beach stretch with pristine waters and sun kissed beaches which are open for everyone. Fill with natural beauty and lovely people, Orissa is a must visit place for everyone.

Though, East India Tours are not the first choice for travelers while deciding to take a family holiday package, this part of the country is a must visit for all the reasons that a traveler might have. Once a person visits this part of the country, they would never want to go to any other place in the country or the world.

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